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BiggTruck Carriers was founded in  2018 by Kenneth Johnson  and Ash Comm Invest. with operations in Houston and Dallas TX.  Kenneth started his  transportation/Logistics  journey in 1987 with the U.S. Army in Europe before transitioning into U.S. Army Special Forces Command as a Communication sergeant in 1995. Serving his country in over 5 wartime conflicts retired out the military and now is a disabled vet. Went into transportation  as a owner operator.  After years of seeing how drivers were being treated decided to start his own company using the foundation he learned while serving in the military of taking care your own. BiggTruck Carriers believes in taking care of their clients and drivers by offering the best rates for shippers and top pay for drivers along with providing the best equipment to get the job done.  We are the only trucking company with it's own dedicated military freight division ran by our team drivers. 

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